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Log for: October 2016 Change Date:
Classification Case Number Date/Time Reported Date/Time Occurred General Location Disposition
Larceny2016-904310/1/16 2212hrs10/1/16 1915hrs[Public Property]Closed
Larceny from Motor Vehicle
Larceny2016-904410/4/16 1405hrs10/4/16 1315hrsHill HallClosed; referred to Outside Agency
Alcohol2016-904510/4/16 1925hrs10/4/16 1510hrsValcour HallClosed; referred to Judicial Review
Larceny2016-904710/9/16 2140hrs10/9/16 1952hrsJuniper HallOpen Incident
Vandalism2016-904810/12/16 0129hrs10/11/16 2350hrsRowell AnnexOpen Incident
Broken beer bottles in parking lot.
Alcohol2016-905010/14/16 2312hrs10/14/16 2100hrsLakeviewClosed; referred to Judicial Review
Alcohol2016-905110/14/16 2320hrs10/14/16 2250hrsOn-campusClosed; referred to Judicial Review
287 College St Appts
Vandalism2016-905210/21/16 1753hrs10/21/16 1601hrsBoardman HallClosed
Vandalism to motor vehicle
Alcohol2016-905310/22/16 0046hrs10/21/16 2330hrsLyman HallClosed; referred to Judicial Review
Alcohol2016-905410/24/16 1114hrs10/24/16 1000hrsLakeviewClosed; referred to Judicial Review
Alcohol2016-905510/25/16 0036hrs10/24/16 2138hrsBankus HallClosed; referred to Judicial Review
Assult2016-905610/25/16 1043hrs10/8/16 0156hrs[Public Property]Closed; subject arrested
BPD arrest for simple assault, non-affiliate
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